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Monday, January 17, 2022

Solana Could Become the Visa of Digital-Asset World: Bank of America

 The Solana blockchain might become the “Visa of the digital plus ecosystem” because it focuses on measurability, low dealings fees and simple use, Bank of America told purchasers during a analysis note once hosting Solana Foundation member liliaceous plant Liu.

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Solana has old sturdy adoption since launching in 2020. it's settled over fifty billion transactions (Visa, the world payments big, processed 164.7 billion transactions within the year all over Sept. 30), has quite $11 billion in total price bolted and has been accustomed mint quite five.7 million non-fungible tokens (NFTs), analyst Alkesh Shah of Iran wrote within the note printed Tues. Solana is optimized for client use cases like micropayments and diversion, the bank aforementioned.

“Solana prioritizes measurability, however a comparatively less redistributed and secure blockchain has trade-offs, illustrated by many network performance problems since origin,” Shah of Iran aforementioned. “Ethereum prioritizes decentralization and security, however at the expense of measurability, that has light-emitting diode to periods of network congestion and dealings fees that area unit often larger than the worth of the dealings being sent.”

Bank of America aforementioned Solana and different blockchains might grab market share from Ethereum over time, and can begin to differentiate themselves through user adoption and developer interest.

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