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Monday, November 29, 2021

CoinField's President on Their New Token, Growth Plans, and Competition

 CoinField's President on Their New Token, Growth Plans, and Competition

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Alex Lightman, Executive Chairman and President of a European crypto exchange CoinField that operates in 193 countries, claims that exchange commemoratives will outperform other cryptoassets as the company is now preparing to launch its own, kindly unusual coin. 


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 Per Lightman, this mileage commemorative aims to help break the food affectation problem in developing countries. 

“ The CoinField coin (CFC) will be giving you blinked access for trading freights on CoinField and to Nwassa (an agribusiness- concentrated digital platform) and to 10 million guests or mobile phone guests of Tingo (an Africa- concentrated, agri-fintech company),” Lightman at the Blockchain Economy Expo 2021 conference in Dubai last week. 


 According to him, “ this coin is the first attempt from the crypto community to break that problem sustainably.”


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 Either, the entrepreneur mentioned that the CFC coin holders might be suitable to change their commemoratives for refections “ What I want is commodity that's one CoinField coin per mess.” 



 Speaking of the crypto request, Lightman said he believes that exchange coins are going to outperform the rest of the crypto request due to their “ feedback circles.” 

 “ Overall, yes, bitcoin is gon na outperform the crashing US bone, but exchange coins as a order will outperform crypto as a order, and bitcoin by itself, that’s my belief,” he said. 

 Watch the full interview and hear about the growth plans of CoinField, trends in crypto, how the company is going to contend with the assiduity leaders, and more. 



 The interview is brought to you by Matt Zahab and Eimantas Žemaitis. 


 The paraphrase of the interview 

How has this time been for CoinField so far? 


 It’s good. First of all, it’s a great time for me because my associates and I bought the exchange this time. The original authors created an exchange coin, called SOLO, or Sologenic, and they did so well with it they said‘we just want to concentrate just on our cryptocurrency’ so they said to a coworker of mine‘would you like to buy the exchange?’and he said‘yeah’and asked me to run it. I put up the original plutocrat to principally start it off, and also a whole lot of other people said‘hey, can we join, can we join?’and it’s been one of the most amazing gests of my life how it’s kind of coming together.


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What are your strategic expansion plans for 2022 and beyond? 


 First, it’s to have a CoinField coin, which we also call Field, being a coin that's honored as making concrete way towards using crypto to break what I suppose is the number one problem for the stability of countries in the world- food, and the hyperinflation of food prices. So I suppose that this coin is the first attempt from the crypto community to break that problem sustainably. 

The CoinField Coin is onpre-sale right now-what’s the strategy with this commemorative? 


 Right now we ’re then at the show, we just started history, and we ’re taking suggestions of interest, and also as soon as the attorneys authorize, we get our opinion letter and everything, we release the whitepaper and it’s a mileage commemorative that’s grounded on ERC-20, its Ethereum. Still, we ’re going to, after we distribute it, we ’re going to replace it with another coin because we've a lot of interest from colorful people saying‘oh why do n’t you do it on our platform and the others’and I principally want to see what all the offers are to unite with people because we ’re veritably unique- right now a lot because some of the big enterprises doing ESG norms-they want to break social problems. 

We ’re the stylish pure- play about that. So there’s CoinField, and CoinField is going to be a part of a intimately- traded company called Tingo Inc, and Tingo is operating in eighteen African countries-Tingo is the largest agri-fintech company in Africa, and they've the largest agri-tech trading platform, it’s called Nwassa and Nwassa does over 3 billion in the time, it’s a public company so these are FCC paddings, you know, it’s all out in the public sphere, there’s nothing special about this information, I ’m just digging it out of the documents. 


 But with CoinField we've about 17 billion perhaps more in deals, and we've 3 billion on the Nwassa platform. Both of those figures should be way over for coming time because we ’re putting plutocrat into it and so the CoinField coin will be giving you blinked access for trading freights on CoinField and to Nwassa and to 10 million guests or mobile phone guests of Tingo. So principally it’s the first time that notoriety has had a coin that can work with a crypto exchange in 186 countries for all the mobile phone requirements of notoriety and for all of the trading platform needs-that’s a unique immolation. 

How are you guys going to contend with the big boys and the big ladyloves-the other big centralized exchanges? 


 Sure, one of the effects is that a lot of this happens one on one but there’s a veritably big difference and I do n’t suppose crypto people realize it because you suppose‘ regulation is bad’and limited means‘we ’re free.’In fact, FTX is an limited exchange, Binance is an limited exchange, you have companies that are big exchanges and I do n’t suppose guests realize the extent to which their finances are comingled with the exchange’s finances. So the exchanges go‘you know, notoriety left their crypto then, I suppose I ’m gon na yield ranch it a little bit, I suppose I ’m gon na goose my returns’and also someone gets addressed like Liquid got addressed in Japan, and all of unforeseen its like‘oh, so there was incorporating of finances’and also the exchange goes down. 

And so, anybody can try anything for a certain quantum of time but eventually the idea of regulation for exchanges is that you do n’t have a problem for the guests. So we ’re a regulated exchange-we've people who have to answer to controllers and we've to explain everything that we do-we've to regard for it, and so we actually had an inspection by Grant Thorton where they went through and said-‘are you biddable with all the regulations of the European Union?’And they went-‘yes.’And we also have adjudicators at Tingo that are looking at our fiscal details and saying‘are these figures there?’ So there’s just that quality that you get from a public company that is, and notoriety who’s a regulated exchange-and we've that. I suppose that there are people who just want that redundant security, and that’s how we ’ll contend. 


 The other way we contend is that we actually watch about people-we watch about whether they've enough to eat, and we watch about if we ’re smart about crypto we should be suitable to use crypto to break real- world problems. Like the hyperinflation of food- so Michael Saylor has one way of doing it, I talk to him history, I got the last question, and I've my way of doing it. And people are asking Elon Musk or looking to Elon Musk for crypto news, like‘oh Elon Musk tell us what we should be investing in’and his advice is‘oh, Dogecoin.’How does dogecoin help with food hyperinflation? I mean its so funny to me, and so weird that he’s saying one a hand dogecoin, and on the other hand he’s saying‘I wonder how to break the problem of food,’right, the food thing and all,‘I should contribute effects’and also he does n’t realize that you can use crypto and his character to actually feed people. And that’s what we ’re doing, and so, what I want is commodity that's one CoinField coin per mess. Now, in the morning, we ’re gon na have to bootstrap so we ’ll have refections. So on website, you can get a mess for CoinField coin. 

And it wo n’t be a great mess, it wo n’t be a huge mess, but lets say the coin follows what SOLO did, you know, that’s the other coin from our exchange, and it goes over 10 times- well also, that’s a better mess, that’s a decent mess, indeed for western norms. And what if it goes up more from there? I mean, the cool thing would be to have filmland each week, like, then’s the mess you can get for one CoinField coin, and right now, it’s apple and a banana. 


 And also the coming week it’s like three bananas and a sandwich, and also all of a unforeseen you have a bunch of people having like a medieval- style Viking feed or commodity. I suppose that would be super cool, and I suppose that would be a way for people to get agitated about crypto and say‘oh.’ So, I see this is n’t just commodity to make a lot of people who a rich, like that Remy song‘I ’m gon na be a bitcoin billionaire,’you know and all that where it’s funny and cool but like‘oh stay, you ’re working real- world problems-that’s what I want, that’s what CoinField wants, that’s what Tingo wants. 

What's the most important old/ new crypto trend you see moving forward into 2022? 


 Sure, well, the biggest trend and the bone that I talked about moment is that exchange coins, coins from Binance, coin from KuCoin, coins from other places, outperform crypto as a whole. So people are looking, it’s like‘oh, what coins are gon na be outperforming?’, and what outperforms is Metcalfe’s Law-every n number of druggies increases the mileage of the network increases by n squared. And so I've plates over in our cell, you know, that show that principally has these positive feedback circles-further druggies gives further data which gives better algorithm which gives better operations and also you have these positive feedback circles to get people more and more value. 

And it completely blows down the returns of effects. So Michael Saylor is saying‘yeah, you got to put it all in bitcoin, you got to put it all in bitcoin, it’s property, it’s an asset and yet it does n’t have those feedback circles that other effects can have. So overall, yes, bitcoin is gon na outperform the crashing US bone, but exchange coins as a order will outperform crypto as a order, and bitcoin by itself, that’s my belief. 


 Bitcoin-any hot takes or price prognostications? Bitcoin on January 1, 2022, and January 1, 2023? 

.Okay, I wouldsay.I do n’t typically make these prognostications-I've two million words about the future with no miscalculations in my books because I do n’t make price prognostications but sure what the hell since you ’ve asked. What I ’m getting for January 1, 2022, is nearly in the area of USD, and also for 2023-those are my figures. 

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